Let me know…

You are invited to let me know what topics you’d like to read about in my/our “DMG blog” … but I can say  there’ll be a trifle of everything, but never in excessive amount or frequency. Given that I love good food and passionately enjoy experimental cooking, a recipe of mine will turn up in the blog now and then, as well as poetry and passages from my writings, [...]

“Bergen has found me, and I’ve found Bergen.”

“Bergen has found me, and I've found Bergen.” This has happened thanks to my long-time friend, jewellery designer Živa Jelnikar, whom I had been visiting, and with each of those visits, bonds with the city and its people grew stronger. And Bergen, Bryggen, fjords, nature, the sea, and the people captivated me so much that today, it’s here where my home is, as well as my atelier, gallery, and [...]


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