“Where the past, the present and the future intertwine …”


Since always, I’ve loved old objects, and not until today have I fully come to terms with the “wretched bastard” having taken all the “treasures” from our attic … I’ve always had a rather respectful and special attitude towards old, discarded, and completely forgotten objects – but not always and not towards all. Some, however, doubtlessly deserve to enter a new story.

Among other things, a fetish of mine has been old and interesting frames, as well as other special pieces that I find in antiquity shops, old curiosity shops, antiquity fairs, Internet, while some simply appear out of the blue, waiting in the street to be picked up … I mostly use old frames for framing my drawings and paintings, or I paint directly on their front or back side, giving them a new chance to enhance my art work with their past story, making it possible that a powerful and suggestive whole is built up from parts, where the past, the present, and the future intertwine …

“An old frame, punched and bitten by this or that, is like your memory, and like my window through which you contemplate my story, coming to you shyly through its cracks …”

* If you have at home an old object (an interesting wood artifact) that you’ve no use for, I recommend myself, of course (old frames and wood furniture pieces …). But we can also make an arrangement that I add my story to your object, while you remain the owner of the object that now has artistic value. Send a photo with an offer or request to: [email protected]