“iPad pro, or my first toy instrument …”


In 2018 I *bought as a present to myself my first digital painting surface, “iPad Pro,” and since then it’s served me as a rather fun working tool, which I lovingly call my toy.

I endlessly enjoy creating in this medium, which provides me with new challenges and endless new possibilities, as well as teaches me how to be creative. You yourself select the drawing implements and techniques, thus being able to create in various techniques in a single medium. It’s perfect for travels, and hence always part of my hand luggage, while colours and canvases await for me in my atelier in Bryggen.

In the digital medium, I create all sorts of motifs/series that I also create in classical techniques, but this form and mode of work suit me, too. At times, this medium serves me merely for sketches – suggestions, or design schemes for later work in other techniques –, while at other times I use it to complete a certain art piece solely in this form and technique. These are the so-called digital originals, which need to be printed, this being the only way to transfer a painting from the digital medium onto a two-dimensional surface (typically paper). Issues are printed on quality graphic paper, and prints are executed by a company specialising exclusively in art printing. In my case, prints are of limited series (limited editions), and are always numbered and signed in my own hand.

*for each year, my list of presents for myself includes something that I need though not unavoidably – but it can be a great plus for me and my work … I could’ve bought it right away, but I exclusively buy these things once a year as a reward for certain work done. Thus this thing means a lot more to me than it would have if I had instantly walked into a shop to buy it … At times, we must all give presents to ourselves of something that is only ours and for us, even if this is time alone! We deserve it …