“DMG alias David Matej Goljat”

DMG = my name and my brand name

After having graduated from painting, I went on to study textile and fashion design, where I had some excellent teachers who taught me the ABC of design which, however, I later developed further and into new directions so as to become confident in design as well as the very realisation of my ideas, which often were quite unconventional. As an artist, I mostly operate with line, colour, shape, and composition, and therefore a considerable artistic tinge is felt in my design work.

In 2005, I launched my brand name, DMG, also opening my first design atelier, were I put on offer my unique commodities, and where individuals were able to order unique pieces for special occasions or for every-day use – which I designed precisely for the particular client. There was more than plenty of work, and I still had a load of ideas and plans, but I had no idea that work as costume designer would absorb me so much that I would have to give up design work for my own brand in the following years, as I would have neither the energy nor the time to design anything else in addition to costumes for the needs of shootings and performances. Thus my brand of clothes and accessories was of a rather short breath … However – never say never. Who knows, maybe one day …