“Themes of paintings are like puzzles of which my life consists …”

“Our environment is very colourful and dynamic, and it inevitably touches the artist, impacting his creativity. Further, there are various phases of life, turning points, studies, and special interests, as well as travels, and openness in absorbing and perceiving the environment and the world. Ever new art pieces emerge, as well as new series, opuses, and cycles telling both their own story and that of the artist …”

Matej gets lost in thought for a moment, his story shining in his eyes. Very likely it was precisely at this moment – right while saying this – that he paused somewhere where only he can be. Whereas we will see part of this world in the future through his artwork, design articles, and projects …”

When creating, Matej likes to blend his distinguished signature and character “live” line, as he likes to call it, with paint, collages, prints and other media. He does that in his own subtle and specific way, in various versions and in different techniques. His work incorporates anything from ink painting, to  charcoal art, pencil drawing, watercolour painting, screen printing, mixed techniques, painting with acrylic paints on canvas, wood, paper, and his most recent work also incorporates digital painting (graphics), as ipad pro is currently, according to his own words, Matej’s favourite toy … “I enjoy creating and I am a bit of a workaholic. I constantly feel the need to be active and creative, whether it be with a brush, with clay, with a wooden spoon or a hoe. I like to paint in different techniques, I like versatility, dynamics, colours, contrasts, lines … I don’t like monotonousness. It bores me.”