“Love as the universal language …”


“Passions of the night have dissipated into the morning, and mists having lifted reveal the debauchery of the night … And you, as though there’d been nothing, go away without looking back. You aren’t looking for what I have to offer, nor you have what I need. You go, and I go.” … a passage from my writings …

Love as the universal language that everyone should know and communicate in, is frequently unrecognised and non-comprehended, sometimes even forbidden, overlooked, or even unwanted … By love, I don’t only mean physical contact, though I can speak by this to the widest crowd, who only understand the act as the height of something … Love is everything else, and much more. But it’s true that love is also what smells of your skin, as memory of your touch and your shriek. Love is also the passion of two people who, fused with one another, long for the non-transient, and are like leeches wanting to suck one another … Love is visible and it’s invisible, it’s the answer to everything, and it’s strongest when forbidden, confessed, and honest. It builds and it destroys … still, “Love is the answer.”