“An ever-present, strong drive in me has always been to design things new, not yet seen or created, as well as to strive to remain true to myself and my style, considering all the needs and the purpose for which you create at a given moment; those are certainly factors that strongly impact the final result … I always search in earnest for the best solutions that must be inherently simple while powerful and suggestive. I never opt to be content with the ordinary, always striving to surpass.”

You must have figured out by now that Matej is practically a multi-faceted artist, which is also a label his closest friends and family gave him. He does a lot of things and is really good at what he does. I asked him whether design in general was also his great passion. “It is by all means one of my passions, but in order to make it my only passion, I’d have to clone myself, so that one of my clones could do just that. The way things are now, design represents one part part of my creative endeavours and so I will forever keep intertwining art and design.”