“Transparency and airiness …”

“Just a touch, and there’s no return …”

“I must admit that watercolour is one of my favourite painting techniques, and that’s why I often use it in my artistic creation … As for the difficulty, watercolour rather matches one-line drawing, ink, …, as, once a move of the hand is made, once the latter touches the painting surface, there’s no return. The line’s been done, and even before I’ve finished this sentence, the colour will already have spilled, and mixed with another, as well as partly dried … This, however, is only one aspect of why I love creating precisely in this technique so much. Other reasons of course are airiness, sensitivity, softness as well as the power of contrast, the sensation when the brush touches the paper to slide over its surface, which is sometimes soft and sometimes harsh, and the moment when the colour splashes. And also because, despite experience, you can never be 100% sure how colour would behave when meeting another, and it teaches you something new time and again. I like watercolour because it’s soft, because it doesn’t like weight but likes drawings, which have been part of me, and without which I simply do not imagine myself being able to create anymore. It’s often the case that it’s precisely watercolour that rounds my drawing up, or vice versa. I like mixing techniques as this allows much more, and offers me greater creative freedom.”

“Raindrops slide down the windowpane, blurring your sight of the town and its surroundings. Meantime, I slide with my brush down a piece of paper, revealing to you what’s blurred, painting the invisible to the eye … Well, what luck that we’ve encountered each other, and discovered each other, as otherwise much would have been overlooked and undiscovered … May my painting always bring you joy, and tell you interesting stories.”