I printed onto everything that came my way …

»Textile is like an empty canvas, irresistibly inviting content …«

I began to print onto textiles when this had not yet been “trendy.” Somewhere around 1997, my friend Matej V. showed me the basics, and I’ve been unstoppable ever since. I printed onto everything that came my way (curtains, tablecloths, pillows, clothes old and new …), I was buying textiles by yards, as well as single-colour T-shirts and other articles, embellishing them with my prints, graphics, paintings … People loved my work, and I practically sold the articles out “hot from the oven.” Later, I began to design and make my own clothes, which I often also embellished through prints, even though this might only be from their inside … Printing has always been a thrill to me, and today I still love to pick a *scraper if only I have the time and reason to do it.

*(printing) scraper is a wood or aluminium handle ending in rubber used to spread colour over the image on a screen to produce an impression on a chosen substrate