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Anticipated opening of the site, 05.03.2020

We could say that David Matej Goljat is an artist who operates with lines, and even though he creates in different techniques and is interested in various themes, he remains most faithful to drawing and lines. His drawings and paintings are full of life and vivacity. With an exceptional flair for composition he makes a wonderful use of the themes that touch him, catch his interest, or awaken a need to be “written down” on a drawing board.

He has always been interested in the human body in all its dynamics and versatility, in architecture, in animate and inanimate nature … in essence, he is interested in pretty much everything.

“Seeming perfection, the idealizing and perverting of reality have always bored me. I am merely interested in the essence without any accessories and in the authenticity and sincerity of relationships. I follow my feelings. Hence I prefer the interior to the exterior. …” When asked about the diversity of his creative opuses, he answered: “How can you keep your eyes closed, how can you merely follow, not look with your own eyes … I am curious and I care. That’s why…”

Instagram: davidmatejgoljat