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It was in the final years of 1990s that I became increasingly absorbed in drawing or, more precisely, commonly in one-line drawing. This entails drawings where the theme is “recorded” through a single line, the drawing implement never moving away from the surface onto which we draw. Thus I can capture all the energy and sensations of a given moment, and “record” them through a single line. I like to try to find the simplest as well as the most powerful contained in a chosen theme or story I wish to tell.

A one-line drawing is like life – a single line with no stops or pauses.

Through years of creating one-line drawings, I also came to do rather complex one-liners, as I call them; and I, too, regard them with a fair amount of respect, as they demand considerable concentration and loads of energy, and they convey a highly powerful message to me, too.

Shipping Information



  1. All DMG’s art pieces such as art prints, drawings, graphics, posters, sketches, some watercolours, etc., may be rolled up and shipped in heavy duty mailing tubes of different diameters and sizes, depending on the size of the piece.
  2. If a certain artwork cannot be sent in a tube, it will be shipped flat in a hard cardboard folder.
  3. Larger artworks, such as canvases, framed paintings, various other articles, and ceramics, will be shipped in appropriate quality packaging protecting the article from potential harm.
  4. Each purchase shall be dispatched the same day (unless written otherwise, and at times of my holidays), and shall likely be delivered to the purchaser’s address in 3–10 working days.
  5. If I am shipping internationally, there may be custom delays.Don’t worry, this is not unusual and it’s something that’s not in my hands.
  6. Therefore I advise you to choose the tracking number mode as the shipping mode, so as to avoid uncertainty and be informed at all times where your package currently is. When concluding your purchase, you are able to choose how you desire the package from David Matej Goljat to travel to your address (with or without a tracking number, express, etc.).



  1. NORWAY // Shipping cost for Norway (unless specified otherwise) is NOK 130 without a tracking number, and NOK 230 with a tracking number.
  2. EUROPE // Shipping cost for the EU (unless specified otherwise) is NOK 200 without a tracking number, and NOK 450 with a tracking number.
  3. WORLD // Shipping cost for the World (unless specified otherwise) is NOK 250 without a tracking number, and NOK 550 with a tracking number.




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